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Its Meaning and Roots in Islam

By Abdul-Rahman Al Sheha Men and girls are created equal of their fundamental humanity, and have all of the shared linage and dignity of Allah’s...


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The Subway Tuna Conundrum –

I bear in mind the time when asking the Subway sandwich artist to vary their gloves upon taking my order was an anxiety-inducing second...

Protests Gather Steam For The Release Of MIT-educated Neuroscientist Aafia Siddiqui

By Nadia B. Ahmad On October 8, protesters in Karachi introduced visitors to a standstill in components of District South in marching from the Karachi...


The story of Bilqis the Queen of Saba (Sheba)

Prophet Sulaiman alaihissalam had an enormous military that consisted of males, jinns in addition to birds and animals in his troop. He use to...

Story Of Prophet Dawud Alaihissalam

Prophet Dawud alaihissalam was one of many righteous individuals of Banu Israel who joined the military of Banu Israel when he was a really...

Talut and Jalut in Islam

Talut and Jalut story in Islam Bani Israel as everyone knows has been essentially the most cussed nation of all instances. Despite witnessing quite a...

Story of Prophet Sulaiman Alaihissalam

Prophet Sulaiman S was the son of Prophet Dawud S who was a sensible king of the Israelites. Prophet Sulaiman S was born in...

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Exploring the Themes of Religion and Romance in ‘Ben and Ara’...

Thoughts on ‘Ben and Ara’; the 2015 film directed by Nnegest Likké. Spoilers forward! I stumbled upon ‘Ben and Ara’ whereas looking for motion pictures...

6 Dua For Love Success